Pixel Worx Coworking Space Has So Much to Offer In South Florida

With Pixel Worx, you can quickly and easily reserve a podcast studio for your creative needs, a happy home for the day, space for your networking events, private parties, and so much more. Whether for a day, month, or year, we make space for coworking that works best for you.Choose an annual plan, book a monthly space.
Your choice. Pixel Worx means work flexibility.

Our Coworking Office Space Amenities Include:

No more limitations necessary for your craft with a Pixel Worx studio space rental. You don’t have to worry about your fur babies barking or kids running into your recording space at the most inopportune time in their underwear, embarrassing the hell out of you! And, you know your space will always be clean and tidy, ready for you to come in and do what you need to do without having to pick up after the pets or any other chores.

Podcast Studio

Don’t have space in your home? Or, maybe you have no desire to own your own equipment but like the creative side? Have clients that need a space to record weekly? We have you covered.Our soundproof podcast room includes everything you need to DIY your own podcast. With 4 mics and a sound mixer, you can record as many podcasts during your rental time as you’re able to crank out. And when you are finished, no need to rush out the door looking for somewhere to edit your podcast, make calls, or check your email. Every rental receives access to the coworking space for the day.  Even better, get expert advise from our onsite Podcast Management Partner. Pixel Worx keeps you in mind!Equipment: Rode Podcaster Pro 2, Zoom Mics, LG TV, Phone Stands

Photography | Videography Studio

For all the photographers and videographers out there, Pixel Worx’s 400 sq ft is ready for you and your creativity! Perfect studio spaces for corporate headshots, product photography, portraits, and boudoir shoots. The possibilities are nearly endless. While you can’t drive a car in for shoots, you can actually drive in your bike!Record your testimonial, crowdfunding, or product videos. Shoot quick social media ads. If you can dream it, you can use Pixel Worx space to produce it!Hourly to full-day rentals are available, and often on the same day. Space is limited however, so book as soon as you have a project idea to bring to life whether you’re shooting stills or capturing live action.

Coworking Space

Ready to get out of your house? Are you a people person? Then Pixel Worx is for you! Open Coworking space is much more than a room. It’s the people you meet in those four walls. This means expanded brand awareness and new opportunities for business growth.
We offer daily, monthly, and annual plans to choose from, so you can do what’s best for you! Choose a high-top table or a comfy chair and table to complete your daily to-do list whenever you need a stress-free workspace.

Networking Opportunities at Delray Beach Shared Workspace

Networking is the lifeline of many businesses, small and large, especially for local creatives. Building connections through networking is one of the extraordinary benefits of shared workspaces in Delray Beach.

When you have a larger network, you and the others you interact with benefit through supportive guidance and fresh ideas. You’re likely to experience increased confidence and strengthened relationships as well!

Pixel Worx members and their invited guests are able to participate in networking lunch & learns with industry experts. If you want to be on the special guest list, all you have to do is ask nicely. Sure, we might say no, but it’s worth a try!

Private Venue for Those Small, Meaningful Events

Looking for that perfect spot for your next party?  Whether a 50th birthday, gender reveal, children’s birthday, or any other style party, Pixel Worx Delray’s venue is right for you.  

Our 1,500 sq ft space boast a totally open feel, open room to rearrange for your needs, and a outdoor space for those truly amazing Florida days. It’s large enough for your guests and small enough to see them all. We provide the space; you provide everything else.  

We are just a phone call away!

But we don’t stop there:

Free coffee. High-speed, secure internet. After-hour social events. And so much more. Pixel Worx has so much to offer, and we’ll continually improve as we receive feedback from our guests who use our space!

Expand Your Horizons + Fuel Ideas, Creativity, and Productivity at Pixel Worx

Expand your knowledge and horizons at a Pixel Worx coworking space for rent!

But hurry and book now, so you don’t miss out on a coworking space when you need it. Space is limited and in high demand!

To request a tour of Pixel Worx coworking spaces in South Florida, contact us today!