All About Pixel Worx

We’re giving new meaning to workspace. Call it coworking, call it space rental, call it hot desking, call it networking. Whatever the hell you want to call it, make it your company’s home base whether you’re a startup, an established business, a solopreneur, or other individual who needs to get out of the house! A dreamy 1,500 sq ft coworking space equipt with photography and videography studios where you can collaborate with other creatives or see your project through completion on your own, Pixel Worx is more than four walls, 12-foot ceilings, and a floor.

It’s a vision | It’s community | It’s inclusion | It’s inspiration | It’s synergy | It’s workspace that works for you

Our vision for this space in Delray Beach’s Andres Design District is for people to collaboratively come together to work in a whole new way.

Why Choose Pixel Worx for Creative Coworking

Pixel Worx is perfect for innovative creative entrepreneurs who are innovators of their craft that chase their dreams while helping others achieve theirs. It’s for people who enjoy their trade just as much as they do life outside work, value the importance of communication and creative collaboration, and want to make an impact while making an income. Don’t want to be distracted by the ever-growing to-do list at home while pursuing your passion, like doing the damn laundry in between email replies? No thanks! If you have the desire to develop your own company culture in a space that offers prime amenities like shared offices, a conference room, soundproof recording studio, and photography and videography studio, Pixel Worx is just right for you!

Working From Home Is Great, but It Doesn’t Solve Your Problems

Maybe you’ve always worked from home but have never had the proper space to expand and grow your business.

Or perhaps you’re new to working at home and can’t seem to get and stay in the groove, constantly completing little tasks like folding the laundry or washing dishes instead of staying focused.

Though working from home eliminated the commute and other problems of going to an office for many, it also created new problems like this. Plus, lack of inspiration from a dedicated workspace and like-minded individuals with which to bounce ideas off of can stretch an 8-hour workday well into double digits.

Contact us today to get started, or simply reserve your space online now if you’re ready to re-think your workspace. With military discounts on our already economical pricing plans and lighting-fast internet speed, the only thing left to do is book now!

Book Now & Leave the Laundry for the Weekend, Not the Workday